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3 - GSK


BRB Globus, a company specialised in engineering and manufacturing of both linear and rotary labelling machines that feature hot, cold glue and adhesive technology and are sold to the alcoholic beverage, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and Ocme (www.ocme.it) have recently started a collaboration with a view to making the best of the sales channels of both companies and rationalising the project of the rollfed labelling machine in order to achieve scale economies and standardise their product range. In 2004 Ocme, a long-time acknowledged leader in the supply of packaging, palletizing and logistic systems for the beverage industry, started a project focused on the development of the machines usually installed upstream of the "dry” part of the line. This is how the level filler Hydra (2004) and the labeller Sagitta (2006) came to life enabling the company to offer complete turn key plants. Sagitta is a rollfed labelling machine which labels round PET bottle formats from 0.33 to 3 litres. According to this new project, the machine body, the infeed, the carousel and the outfeed are taken from well tested BRB machines and are assembled with the cutter roller, label roller system and hot glue application system developed by OCME. The new version of Sagitta MEGA-ROLL was firstly introduced at the BRB stand (Hall A2 Stand 133) during the Drinktec Exhibition in Munich (from 14th to 19th September 2009).


BRB Globus has gained the possibility to carry out multiple supplies to the second biggest Chinese producer of edible oil, who will also sponsor the next Olympic games. The concerned machines are rotary labellers equipped with cold setting glue stations for shaped 4 & 5l containers to be labelled with labels having a length up to 240 mm and for cylindrical containers with or without handle orientation. Every machine is equipped with PLC and can reach an output of approximately 7,000 bottles/h. The machines will be utilized by the various contract packagers belonging to the big Chinese Group, who supply the latter with empty and labelled bottles to be then filled by producer itself in its own premises. For this reason, some containers have been pressurized in order the plastic walls of the containers to have a good resistance to a pressure due to both application and smoothing of the labels.


BRB Globus, has gained the possibility to supply Company GSK with a self-adhesive ROTARY labelling machine (equipped with self-adhesive Hoppmann units). This machine is able to apply 2 self-adhesive labels onto a very particular pharmaceutical container. The latter is conveyed into pucks and such pucks shall lift it, in order it to get labelled. The peculiarity of this procedure is that more than half the height of the above mentioned container is in the puck and its base is inclined. BRB Globus's technical department has accepted the challenge regarding this special container and in this way, we have been able to show our flexibility as well as our ability to customize our products, i.e. we have designed a system equipped with a particular plate being able to lift the container out of the puck, without it to fall over and to label the container as well as after that to put it into the puck. The machine is equipped with a redundant system consisting of label application stations, which allows the machine continuously to run, i.e. with no stop due to the end of the reel; moreover, the machine is equipped with a waste product system being controlled by TV-cameras and a dual laser printer, whose installation and completion have been carried out with the support of Co. Shibuya-Hoppmann.