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At BRB Globus technology and close relationship with our customers are the main goals.

The Post-selling assistance service cooperates with design, tests and spare parts areas experts. Their forces are integrated with those of the commercial department, where customers’ needs are always at first place, in order to offer them the know how of the company and any advice or answer to any intervention request.
The personnel taking care of the testing also deal with start-up and maintenance, as well as with the modification of our machines. Our skilled technicians have great experience and continuous training in the field. This allows us to offer competence and specific knowledge to our customers the most exhaustively as possible.
No matter from which part of the world the request comes, we can quickly provide for:

Electronic and mechanical parts supply guarantee:
Spare parts (stocked in a warehouse)
New sizes and/or use modifications

Technical assistance, characterized by the following activities:
New/standard machines or parts installation
Personnel training in BRB Globus and at the customer’s
Preventive maintenance
Damages or failures repair at the customer’s

We can assure to our customers competence and quickness and, as a consequence, the strictly necessary machine standstill time, thanks to a last generation managing software that allows us to monitor warehouse movements and to have the best stock level and technician availability in our factory.