nuova brb etichettatrici automatiche

The boom of the so-called Energy Drinks is not only European or North American, but it has been developing worldwide. The numberless kinds and brands of this sort of drink are usually distributed in can tins. In consideration of the “special” contents of this drink, the information about its ingredients are very important. Several brands have only one place of production and from that place they export the product also in close foreign countries. In order to offer flexibility and meet the needs of any different country, some producers print only one tin and afterwards they apply a label in the language of the country of destination with the so-called “nutrition facts”. As well-known, the world of Energy Drinks pays a special attention to the external characteristics of tin packaging: colours, formats, graphic aspect are very important to attract potential customers to taste a product that is generally new and whose taste is not well-known as the taste of water or traditional soft drinks is, which are present in market since long time. In the dedicated specific case, the customer wanted to apply the information contained on the label in the same area printed on the can where the same data for local market were present, as not to interfere with the graphic aspect of the product and in order to avoid the weakening of its appeal. BRB GLOBUS has met the needs of the customer by supplying a MEGA ADE SP OP, with servo-motors and opto-electronic orientation that identifies, by means of a sensor, a reference on the graphic part of the tin and applies at 18.000 bph the self-adhesive label in the area that has been indicated by the customer and that can vary according to the taste of the concerned Energy Drinks and to its reference graphical aspect. With the customer’s satisfaction, the precision in orientation and application of the label as well as the reliability of the precision during production days resulted in top performances since the machine starting at the Asian premises of the group.

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